The Absolut Company (Destilleriet Nöbbelöv)


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Status Operacional
Fundação: 1879
Proprietário: Pernod Ricard Group
Capacidade: Not supplied
Política de visitas: Pouca acessibilidade
Tel: +46 (0)44 288 200


Ugerupsvägen 50
291 91

Absolut is Sweden's most exported agricultural product and the production team are constantly seeking ways to minimise its environmental impact. Indeed, the distillery is one of the world's most energy efficient and is ISO 14001 certified (the international standard for environmental management systems).

Absolut’s sustainability starts with the cultivation of the wheat and in 1997 the company started work with farmers and a local university to develop sustainable industrial farming methods using minimal amounts of pesticide and fertilizer. Local farmers also benefit from the wheat stillage, the main by-product of vodka production. This is sold to them as Wheat Drank, a warm (35˚C) protein feed that is pumpable and, due to its pH of 3.9, durable. This feeds 250,000 pigs and 40,000 cows a day, all within one hours drive of the distillery.

The Absolut Company is continually working towards a closed cycle system to dramatically reducing water consumption and as of 2016 has already achieved a reduction of 42% of the target set for 2020 to reduce its water footprint. All the water that is used is drawn from private sources.

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