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Thomas Moore is an artist whose works will appeal to discerning drinkers who like the people-watching aspect of hanging out in bars, and who have an eye for detail. His latest pair of prints, Drinking Martinis and Drinking Pints are, as he says, "a humorous look at two bars at opposite ends of a spectrum."

These follow his 2016 Gin Lane which is a reinterpretation of William Hogarth's renowned 1751 Gin Lane. We're proud to have framed prints of the 1751 and 2016 Gin Lanes hanging alongside each other in our office come bar. They sit above our order processing desk so if you purchased from our shop then these artworks have looked down at your address label being printed.

Drinking Martinis is a satirical view of an upmarket cocktail bar with the men suited and booted while the ladies are tucked into their best frocks. They quaff at cocktails and champagne flutes served by barmen resplendent in waistcoats and bowties. This is a refined drinking establishment.

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In the same way that Hogarth's 1751 Gin Lane juxtaposes his Beer Street, so Moore's Drinking Pints is set in the same bar as Drinking Martinis but as a den of debauchery. Pint glasses replace the flutes and coupes, dogs slobber on the floor under the pool table, sports screens hang crookedly, and if the dress and demeanour of the punters are not obvious enough, the centre figure's tattoo screams "Lairy Cunt."

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Drinking Martinis and Drinking Pints are speakeasy versus dive bar and the works sit brilliantly beside each other or one above the other, as per the pair hanging in our wall at the top of the page.

Thomas is offering Difford's Guide readers 10% discount off any of his prints by entering the discount code DIFFORDSGUIDE10 when purchasing from

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