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London Wine Week

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Forget the traditional room of tablecloths and spittoons, the confused horror of a twenty page wine list or being faced with endless shelves of unheard grape varieties. London is embracing wine in a thoroughly modern way, learning to understand it, to appreciate it better and ultimately to enjoy it.

London Wine Week is from the same team behind London Cocktail Week (LCW). In a similar concept to the cocktail festival, the week will showcase everything the city has to offer, from Mediterranean-style wine bars to large, thriving restaurants and tiny hole-in-the-walls with great cellars. The week will also coincide with the Wine Fair, whose organisers have partnered with the LCW team.

In its first year the event hopes to attract 10,000 participants who, as with LCW, will purchase wristbands, giving them access to special offers and experiences taking place all over London. Just as London Cocktail Week has opened up London's eyes to its bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, London Wine Week will enable people to try not only new and different wines but better quality ones and hopefully to understand them.

"It's exciting to be working with the team to create an event that will have a direct impact on the consumer," said Ross Carter, show director of London Wine Fair. "London Wine Week is about taking a fun and engaging approach to tasting and drinking wine and we believe that a central London trade event supported by a consumer-facing festival is a great way for the trade to make the most of a week when winemakers from all over the world descend on the city."

London Wine Week is now inviting independent merchants and venues to sign up now alongside those already committed. For further details on involvement please contact

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