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Community Guidelines

We are keen for Difford's Guide to be a place where members of our Community of Discerning Drinkers can share ideas and opinions, ask questions, and receive answers without offending others or being offended.

Many well-known cocktails have names that some consider offensive. The Porn Star Martini, for example, is one of the world's most popular cocktails, yet soon after UK supermarket chain Marks and Spencer launched a bottled Porn Star Martini in 2018, the retailer was forced to rename the product after a ruling by the UK watchdog upheld a single complaint by a member of the public. The canned Porn Star Martini contravened section 3.2d of the Portman Code because it was an alcoholic product that "suggests any association with sexual activity or sexual success." That Porn Star became a Passion Star Martini.

We are keen to allow free expression and recognise that members of our community are adults. (We ask for date of birth at sign-up as being over legal drinking age is one of our conditions of use.) However, we ask that you please consider the names you give to cocktails, your choice of words, your use of phrases, and the images you contribute to pages on Difford's Guide so as not to offend others.

Please refrain from using lewd words, names, or phrases that may offend.

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