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Comments by Discerning Drinkers

Difford's Guide exists for you and so we want you to be part of it. We value your thoughts, ideas and opinions and we'd very much like you to express these in the "Comment" areas on this website.

To comment you'll need to be registered and logged in. Registration is easy, just requiring your name, email address and date of birth to ensure you are of legal drinking age. To register or sign in, please click "My Account"/"Log in" at the top right corner of your screen. We also ask that you let us know if you're a fellow drinks industry professional.

Please ensure your comments are constructive and don't cause offence to other readers. Be nice! We'd also like to draw your attention to the following.

Deleting comments

We reserve the right to delete comments and/or to ban users without notification or explanation.

If you've posted a comment that on reflection (perhaps on the morning after) you decide is best deleted, just click "delete" (on the right under your comment) and if you're logged in it will disappear. Please be aware, there's no way to restore a comment once deleted, and deleting also deletes all associated replies.


We like to hang out in bars that have a friendly welcoming unpretentious environment and so we want Difford's Guide to have the same vibe. Hence, comments we consider personal attacks, insulting, racist, sexist, homophobic, defamatory, malicious, threatening, misleading or generally offensive or in bad taste will be deleted.

Please also refrain from posting content which could be viewed as being indecent, obscene or of a sexual nature.

The users (and their IP addresses) behind such comments will be barred.

Reporting comments

If you consider a comment goes too far or could be considered hate-speech (see above), then please bring it to our attention by clicking "Report" below the comment.

Be proudly yourself

We encourage you to use your real name when commenting on Difford's Guide as we should all be accountable for what we say.

Delay in your comment appearing

Our software automatically delays comments for a short period to allow moderation. Comments which flag due to containing swear words and other profanities will be automatically held in a delayed state until manually approved and may never go live due to being deleted. In such cases, no explanation will be given. However, most moments should appear within 20 minutes of posting.

Privacy & respect

Please respect the privacy of others and don't include personal addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers or full names of others in your comments.


Please try and keep your comments relevant to the subject on the page you're commenting on. Please search for relevant pages to house the topics you wish to comment on and if you can't find such a page, or a relevant page doesn't have Comment functionality enabled, then please use Feedback to report this to us.

Less is more

Please keep your comments brief, our system allows for a maximum of 500 characters (inc. spaces) per comment.

Links & urls

The ability to links to other websites is not enabled in Comments.

Copyright & libel

Please respect the copyright and general rights of others. We may, without notice or reason given, delete comments to protect ourselves from possible legal action.

Please be aware that by posting comments on Difford's Guide you are relinquishing your copyright and we reserve the right to republish your comments. You are also warranting that what you contribute is not in breach of anyone else's rights.

You are liable for what you say

We will not accept liability for the content of your comments or their accuracy.

If in doubt, ask

Please contact us via Feedback.

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