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Campari Red Diaries

Campari Red Diaries

Killer in Red, part of Campari's Red Diaries campaign, is a brilliantly executed short film directed by Italian Oscar winner, Paolo Sorrentino and starring Hollywood actor, Clive Owen.

Set in a high-end bar, the Sorrentino film sees Clive Owen move from ordinary man to take on the guise of Floyd, a notorious bartender back in the early 1980s, as Clive's character imagines the story behind the creation of the cocktail, the Killer in Red.

Shot in a nightclub, the film moves between two time periods, brilliantly portraying the high-energy zeitgeist of the era. Floyd reveals his talent for reading his clients and serving them with the perfect cocktail to suit them, which soon introduces him to the 'Lady in Red'. Yet, as the story develops, the audience begins to suspect that the 'Lady in Red', is far more complex than Floyd could ever have expected...

As with many of Sorrentino's films, the film's ending is left to the audience to draw their own conclusions, while reinforcing Campari's ethos that every cocktail tells a story, with the bartender serving as the narrator.

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