Old Kilbeggan Distillery (Locke's and Brusna)

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Co. Westmeath,
Ireland (Eire)

The Old Kilbeggan Distillery in the village of Kilbeggan, was originally known as the Brusna Distillery (after the river which flowed through the distillery and powered the water wheel) and more recently Locke's Distillery.

Locke’s Distillery was built in 1757 using materials from an old Cistercian monastery and is the oldest licensed distillery in the world. Production at Locks distillery ceased in 1954.

The assets of the old Locke’s distillery where acquired by Cooley Distillery in 1988, originally to store ageing casks and on 17-July 1992, the first mature cask of Locke’s whiskey produced by Cooley was tapped by the granddaughter of the last John Locke.

Cooley resumed production of whiskey at Kilbeggan on 19-March 2007, 53 years to the day since production stopped at the distillery.


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