Annandale Distillery

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Annandale Distillery Company Ltd

Όγκος παραγωγής:
250,000 litres p/a

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+44 (0)1461 207 817

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DG12 5LL
United Kingdom

This Lowland malt distillery is located 15 miles from Dumfries, and has been restored after a period of silence and neglect being re-commissioned in 2014.

Annandale Distillery was established by George Donald, a former excise officer, in 1830. His family ran the distillery until 1883 when it was leased to John Gardner of Liverpool who invested to re-equip and modernise the distillery.

In 1893 (0r 1986), Annandale was acquired by John Walker & Sons of Kilmarnock who stopped distilling there in 1919-20. The buildings where purchased by a local farmer in 1924 to be used for agricultural storage for the rest of the 20th century.

The present owners David Thomson and his wife Teresa Church acquired the land and buildings associated with Annandale Distillery from local farmer, Robert Robinson in April 2007. David is a former cereal chemist and he and his wife are co-owners of the multi-national MMR market research company, hence they have the funds to invest in this labour of love.

As well has restoring the buildings, they commissioned pot stills (1 Wash Still, 2 Spirit Stills) from Forsyths of Rothes and Douglas Fir washbacks from Browns of Dufftown.

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