Medine Distillery (United Spirit Producers Ltd)

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Established in 1926 and nestled between the mountains and the azure sea, Medine is the oldest distillery on Mauritius. The distillery owns 3,300 ha of sugarcane fields producing 300,000 tonnes sugarcane per annum.

The Medine Distillery is overseen by the Master Distiller, Jean-Francois Koenig

Mauritius is a tropical island, which along with the French island of Réunion and the island of Rodrigues are part of the Mascarene Islands, a series of volcanic islands which lie off the coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean. Mauritius is an island nation noted for its natural beauty, tourism, sugar production (cane is grown on approximately 90% of the cultivated land and accounts for some 25% of export earnings) and for being the only known habitat of the Dodo, a flightless bird first sighted by Europeans around 1600 and extinct less than 80 years later.

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