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alc./vol: 22%

Proof: 44°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: Unaged

Product of: Product of Netherlands Netherlands

Flavoured with Vetiver (a fragrant grass), Timur (aromatic fruits used as a spice in Nepali cooking), Patchouli (a type of mint), Petit Grains (a white grape of the Muscat family) and Cedarwood. Vetiver Gris is designed to be enjoyed with grapefruit soda.

One of a trio of "modern liqueurs" launched in February 2019 named Muyu, all three created by internationally renowned bartenders Alex Kratena, Monica Berg and Simone Caporale in partnership with De Kuyper Royal Distillers.

Muyu is named after the word for 'seed' in Quechan languages and the trio were inspired to create Muyu after a research trip to the Amazon in 2016. The brand is intended to promote biodiversity through responsible sourcing with a share of profits from each bottle also being donated to NGOs working in the region.

Monica, Simone and Alex each designed one of the three Muyu liqueurs – Jasmine Verte, Chinotto Nero and Vetiver Gris respectively.

Each of the three liqueurs is based on the eponymous ingredient of each liqueur with secondary ingredients harmoniously wrapped around each note to create a unique and complex liquid. Several different techniques are employed to extract aromatic substances from plants, flowers and fruits, including enfleurage, steam distillation, C02 extraction, and resinoïds. These extraction processes are carried out in Grasse, a French town nicknamed the perfume capital of the world, and by De Kuyper in Schiedam, a Dutch city known for its historic distilleries. The extracts are then blended with alcohol, sugar, acids and water to create the final liqueur.

The liqueurs are presented in striking black bottles shaped to resemble old medicine bottles with artwork inspired by Muyu's connection to the Amazon, including digital re-imaginings of traditional patterns used in body painting by indigenous communities in the region, references to global flora and fauna, and the colours of the rainforest itself. The designs aim is to "capture the contrast of strength and fragility in the natural world."

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 19/02/2019


Faint haze. Very pale straw greeny-yellow. Thick and glass coating.


Very aromatic. Perfumed grassy citrus – reminiscent of mens aftershave.


Intensely flavoured. Grassy and citrusy with faint white grape and mint. Sweet but with balancing, slightly astringent, white wine-like acidity.


Long aromatic perfumed grassy finish with light spice and lingering cleansing acidity.


The label describes this liqueur as being "Earthy, woody, mystical, intriguing and endless". The same may be said of aftershave and indeed this very unique liqueur has an aroma reminiscent of a grassy citrusy eau de cologne. Vetiver Gris, like the two other Muyu liqueurs, is game-changing in its category and will both challenge and please bartenders. It works brilliantly with grassy sauvignon blanc in cocktails but be sure to try the highball signature serve with grapefruit soda.

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Buy direct from

The Whisky Exchange

Bottle size: 50cl
£ 29.95
the_whisky_exchange store logo

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Product Information

Barcode UPC: 8710625530501
Bottle Size: 500 ml
Closure: Natural cork stopper

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Produced by: De Kuyper Royal Distillers
UK distribution by: Liana Collection
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