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Status Operacional
Fundação: 1891
Proprietário: Bacardi Limited
Capacidade: 4,000,000L per annum
Política de visitas: Pouca acessibilidade
Tel: +44 (0)1340 872 971
Craigellachie Distillery has been producing very characterful, heavy and sulphurous malt whisky for more than 125 years, but has managed to slide under the radar, keeping itself fairly insular and protected.


Charlestown of Aberlour
AB38 9ST
Banffshire, Scotland
United Kingdom

Famed for the revolutionary early 19th-century iron-work bridge that stretches over the picturesque River Spey close to where it meets the River Fiddich, Craigellachie town in Moray, Scotland, is a place where technological innovation and abundant natural beauty are in great supply. The name Craigellachie (Pronounced ‘Graig-Ella-Kee), meaning rocky hill, was first used for the cliff that dominates the river landscape.

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In olden times a small ferry would amble across the water and it was around this crossing that the town built up. After the distillery was founded in 1891, the imposing Craigellachie hotel was constructed two years later, a white landmark of a building and home to a famous whisky bar.

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