Bonzer Heritage Hawthorne Strainer

Category: Bar equipment & barware

Sub Category: Bar tools

Glasswasher / dishwasher safe: yes
Length (mm): 166
Width (mm): 89
Depth (mm): 25
Weight in grams: 94
Product code: 10087
Material: Stainless steel

Producer: Mitchell & Cooper

Bonzer’z Heritage Hawthorne Strainer is designed to fit snugly into the top of a 28oz shaker can and retain ice while a cocktail is poured. (It also fits most other sizes of shaker and stirring glasses.)

The two ears, sometimes called “devil horns” rest on the front edge of the shaker tin with the handle at the back to form a three-position rest to hold the strainer security in place against the tin while pouring. The sprung coil that runs around the edge of the strainer helps to position within the shaker tin and retain unwanted ice shards and other debris.