Jade C.F. Berger (Verte Suisse 1898) Absinthe Sup.

Difford's Guide

alc./vol: 65%

Proof: 130°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: Unaged

Product of: Product of France France

Created by American absinthe expert, Ted Breaux and Combier Distillery, who analysed a rare original 19th century bottle of C.F. Berger absinthe verte from Couvet, Switzerland to formulate this modern replica Jade C.F. Berger (also known as Verte Suisse or V.S. 1898) absinthe.

The C.F. Berger Distillery was founded in Couvet, Switzerland in 1823 and produced several Swiss style absinthes, the most famous being C. F. Berger 65ยบ degree absinthe verte. Sadly, the Swiss ban in 1910 brought about the distillery's demise.

Jade absinthes are made at Distillerie Combier using original 1,150 litre copper bain marie alembics built in the 1870s and acquired from one of the original absinthe distilleries in Pontarlier, France around a hundred years ago. Jade absinthes are made without the addition of sugar, flavourings, non-traditional herbs, or chemical dyes, their colour derived solely from the infusion of herbs.

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 18/09/2012


Clear, pale golden with greeny blue tinge. With water louches milky very pale dirty green.


Vegetal, herbal nose with barky-wormwood, allspice, fennel and anise. Dried herbal and slightly musty rather than fresh.


Dry herbaceous with continuing musty note. Wormwood, fennel and anise with marjoram and faint clove.


Herbaceous, woody influenced finish.

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Product Information

Closure: Natural cork stopper

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Produced by: Distillerie Combier
UK distribution by: Sip Or Mix

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