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Made from a blend of over 30 botanicals by Marian Beke and Tony Pescatoni, these tongue tingling bitters are centred around Acmella Oleracea flowers, better known as the 'electric daisy'.

When eaten, The Acmella Oleracea, and indeed these bitters, produces a salivating tingling sensation in the mouth, stimulating taste buds and amplifying flavours. Add a few dashes to a wide variety of cocktails or even a simple G&T.

Made by Marian Beke and Tony Pescatori, Electric Bitters were first created in 1998 at Montgomery Place, Notting Hill, London where Marian Beke was bar manager and first tried Sechuan buttons. After experiencing the tingling sensation they induce, Marian sought to incorporate this into drinks via a simple alcohol infusion. Over the years, his recipe has been refined and now includes more than 30 botanicals along with the use of over 30 grams of fresh Sechuan buttons per bottle.

The yellow flowers from the Acmella Oleracea plant are indigenous to the Amazon forest are sourced from Koppertcress, regarded as the world’s best microcress grower.

The bitters recipe includes a blend of peppers, including Sansho Green Szechuan, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Grains of Selim, Cubeb, Grain of paradise, Javan long pepper, along with aromatic herbs, roots and spices including Lemon Myrtle, Korekima, Black Cardamom, Fingerroot, Dry Kumquat, Pomelo peel, Galangal, and fresh British grown Wasabi root. These are all extracted individually with different alc./vol. infusions, times and methods, either infusion, sous vide cooking or rotary evaporation.

The finished bitter blend is rested for one month prior to bottling in its distinctive bulb-shaped dropper bottle.

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 09/03/2018


Clear, golden amber with tiny sediment in suspension.


Herbal and floral with nutty woody aromas.


It is not so much taste but sensation – there merest drop of these bitters electrifies your tongue with a tingling sensation which also seems to stimulate your saliva glands.


Extremely long-lasting affect.


While these bitters are more about sensation than adding flavour of aroma to a cocktail, they are indeed flavoursome and aromatic while also amplifying other flavours within a drink.

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Buy direct from

The Whisky Exchange

Bottle size: 10cl
£ 11.75
the_whisky_exchange store logo

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