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Produced by: Bacardi Bottling Corporation
Owned by: Bacardi Limited
UK distribution by: Bacardi UK
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alc./vol: 14.9%

Proof: 29.8°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: No age statement

Product of: Product of United States United States

I suppose that commercial reality dictated that Bacardi had little choice but to follow Smirnoff Mojito with what I have christened ‘Breezer’s Big Daddy’. At least Bacardi’s version is based on the right base spirit and the brand can claim genuine heritage with the Mojito.
The booklet hanging from the bottle’s neck illustrates how to make the ‘perfect Mojito’ in 4 steps, “1. Take half a lime, cut into four and place in a tall glass with four mint leaves. 2. Press/muddle the limes and mint to extract all the juice and flavour. 3. Fill the glass with crushed or cubed ice (illustrates cubed). 4. Add 125ml Bacardi Mojito Classic, a splash of soda, garnish with a mint sprig... and enjoy”.

Review and Tasting

Sampled before 1st May 2011


Smells reminiscent of diluted lime cordial with mint.


Drunk neat and at room temperature it is strangely fresh – like eating several Extra Strong mints at once and then taking a sharp intake of breath. It is clean and dare I say, minty, but so is my mouthwash.


I followed the attached eight page instruction book and made a ‘Mojito’ with the specified four mint leaves and four wedges of lime muddled, 125ml Bacardi Mojito Classic and topped with soda over ice (I used half cubed and half crushed). Apart from a slightly mouthwash-like spearmint freshness the resulting drink was actually well balanced and I suspect a drink many bar goers would be more than happy to drink.

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