Quality Certificate

Holy Grass Vodka
Quality Certificate 2017
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Details provided by
Martin Murray on 19th July 2016

Product Name

Holy Grass Vodka



Product Identification

Website: http://www.dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk

Raw Material



Alcohol by volume: 41.5%

Wood Maturation

Maturation period: Unaged
Were chips, planks or other surface area boosting techniques used? no
Was any form of wood concentrate/extract 'boisse' added? no
Are any accelerated aging techniques employed? no

Produced By

Country of origin: United Kingdom
Name of producer: Dunnet Bay Distillery
Country of processing & bottling: United Kingdom
Name of processor/bottler: Dunnet Bay Distillery
The distiller, brewer, blender or winemaker owns more than 5% of the producer company
Distiller, brewer, blender or winemaker's name: Martin Murray
Distiller, brewer, blender or winemaker's qualifications and experience: CEng IChemE MEng Chemical Engineer with Energy Resource Engineering with Distinction
Currently studying PostGrad Brewing and Distillation through Heriot Watt University