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Beer on-the-rocks image

Beer on-the-rocks

I love a good beer and I love Byrrh (also pronounced 'beer') – a marriage made in Bermondsey. Best served as an aperitif cocktail.

De Beauvoir image

De Beauvoir

Richly flavoured and lusciously bittersweet with rye whiskey, bitter porter and sour lemon juice balancing hazelnut liqueur and brown sugar.

Anything Else image

Anything Else

Zesty lemon, bitter liqueur and tangy IPA makes for a zippy, refreshing drink. A characterful IPA and nailing exactly the right amount of honey are key

Bitches' Brew cocktail image

Bitches' Brew cocktail

Beer has never tasted so complex - sweet aperitif, dry hoppy IPA beer, bready jenever and cleansing vodka.

Boilermaker image


When you get to the end of the beer the shot glass lifts and the whiskey is released as a chaser. We should point out, that in these days of discernment,

Czechmate image


The herbal notes of Becherovka are noted for combining harmoniously with beer, fittingly in this recipe a pilsner (Becherovka is Czech, as are the origins

Dunkel & Stürmig image

Dunkel & Stürmig

Dunkel & Stürmig is German for Dark & Stormy and indeed this ia a tasty coffee and cacao spiced rum riff on the classic Dark 'N' Stormy.

Flip the Script image

Flip the Script

Irish stout and Irish whiskey combine harmoniously in this rich but balanced flip.

Hwachae image


My summer: the feeling of my childhood in a drink. My paradise: sweet memories and the moments of happiness when we spent time together with family and

Jack Pot image

Jack Pot

Creating this cocktail started with a desire to make a properly British cocktail to toast those special occasions when a fellow Brit wins a sporting event.

Kopstoot image


In the worthy pursuit of responsible drinking I must stress that when enjoying a Kopstoot you should repeatedly take a sip from each glass – savour the

Mantini image


A gin Martini-style drink made with beer in place of vermouth.

Reality Check image

Reality Check

Raspberry fruit, herbal complexity and dry hoppy beer with a splash of zesty lime. Fabulously refreshing.

Revolutionary Flip image

Revolutionary Flip

Full-bodied both describes this drink and how you’ll feel after consuming this very tasty meal of a drink.

Swedish Ale Punch image

Swedish Ale Punch

The grapefruit hop notes in the beer are amplified by fresh grapefruit juice while the beer's cereal notes are fortified with bourbon. Meanwhile, Swedish

The Angel Wore Red image

The Angel Wore Red

A most unusual combination of classic Italian red bitter liqueur, bianco vermouth, crème de menthe and lager combine brilliantly in this refreshing aperitif.

Weissen Sour image

Weissen Sour

Wheaty bourbon with wheat beer and marmaladey citrus notes - they all go hand in hand and so work harmoniously in this unusual long drink.

Am I Blue? image

Am I Blue?

Long and refreshing, based on India pale ale and birch spirit with grapefruit freshness.

Beggar's Banquet image

Beggar's Banquet

If using a 12oz glass you'll know you have great ice if when strained into glass you have sufficient room for 60ml (2oz) of beer.

Black Velvet image

Black Velvet

Full-bodied stout and delicate dry sparkling wine are an unlikely combination but this classic has stood the test of time. Some may wish to add a barspoon