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Orange marmalade
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Breakfast Club image

Breakfast Club

Slightly smoky with incredible depth of flavour. A perfectly balanced delight.

Breakfast Martini image

Breakfast Martini

The success or failure of this tangy drink is partly reliant on the quality of marmalade used. For ease of use, choose fine cut or even no peel/shredless

Hemingway Breakfast image

Hemingway Breakfast

Basically, a bitter orange and clove daiquiri. We found this recipe really sung when we added a splash of water for some extra dilution and half a bar

Angel's Share No.1 image

Angel's Share No.1

Tangy citrus fruit and cognac smoothed with a hint of vanilla.

Breakfast in Manhattan image

Breakfast in Manhattan

The British Breakfast Martini comes to Manhattan.

Breakfast Margarita image

Breakfast Margarita

A Margarita with extra zesty orange tang courtesy of a spoon of bitter orange marmalade.

English Marmalade image

English Marmalade

The addition of bitter liqueur and aromatic bitters to the classic 1930 recipe from The Savoy Cocktail Book, lifts the Marmalade Cocktail to a new level

Golden Fortune image

Golden Fortune

A golden kumquat-flavoured sour with bittersweet orange marmalade.

Mediterranean Margarita image

Mediterranean Margarita

Recipe supplied by Patrón, who say, “Citrus and spice shines bright in the Mediterranean Margarita, made for the sights and sounds of Spain. From Yanaida

Paddington image


Sweet and sour with citrus tartness and faint absinthe anise.

Paddington Bear Martini cocktail image

Paddington Bear Martini cocktail

Tangy orange marmalade with gin and pisco rounded with bianco vermouth.

Patchanka image


Lightly bitter, chocolate and coffee with zesty orange. Perfect as an aperitivo.

Weissen Sour image

Weissen Sour

Wheaty bourbon with wheat beer and marmaladey citrus notes - they all go hand in hand and so work harmoniously in this unusual long drink.

Breakfast Gimlet image

Breakfast Gimlet

Orange marmalade both justifies the 'breakfast' prefix and adds complexity to this gimlet.

Copa Cola image

Copa Cola

Created by Nico Colic from Hotel Rivington & Sons, Zurich, Switzerland for the 2016 Cherry Heering Classic Challenge.

El Momento Perfecto image

El Momento Perfecto

A rum and marmalade Negroni-like drink.

Grand Breakfast image

Grand Breakfast

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and STRAIN into glass.

La Confiture image

La Confiture

An explosion of refreshing sweet and sour zesty lemon with a touch of herbal complexity.

Marmalade Cocktail image

Marmalade Cocktail

Harry wrote of his own drink, By its bitter-sweet taste this cocktail is especially suited to be a luncheon aperitif.

Milanese Breakfast Martini image

Milanese Breakfast Martini

A fruity but dry aperitif drink served 'up' but with a splash of prosecco sparkle.