Laphroaig Big Opinions


Laphroaig is unquestionably a complex beast. Love it or hate it, you're sure to have a strong opinion on it. Laphroaig invites you to share your opinion with the world.

Tweet your most creative descriptions of Laphroaig to #OpinionsWelcome for a chance to see your opinion projected live onto the iconic warehouse No. 1 Distillery Wall on Islay.

"heavenly golden drops collected in one smokin' bottle"
or, "seagull's armpit"?

Whatever your opinion of this heavily peated Islay single malt Scotch whisky now is your chance to see it up in lights. For one week only, until 15 October, Laphroaig will be projecting the most imaginative opinions of its friends and foes from around the world onto the wall of its famous Warehouse No.1 distillery on the shores of Islay, Scotland.

Whether a dram of Laphroaig invokes thoughts of "surfing a burning oak tree in a hurricane" or smells like "the flames of a dragon extinguished by the sea", the team at Laphroaig want to hear from you, and are all set to share your opinion with the world.

The opinions selected to feature in the projection will receive a photograph and video of their opinion displayed on Warehouse No. 1 and you can watch the spectacle unfold live at Laphroaig Big Opinions

Tweet your description using the hashtag #OpinionsWelcome for the chance to share your opinion with the world. Be honest, be real, be creative!

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