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Armagnac Growers, Distillers & Négociants

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Armagnac is still made by hundreds of small producers. There are a couple of larger houses but nothing of the scale seen in Cognac. Armagnac tends to be produced by families rather conglomerates.

There are farmers who sell their grapes to distillers and négociants who buy brandy from distillers, then age and blend it to make Armagnac.

There are also farmers who distil and négociants who cultivate vineyards and distil.

There are around 250 distillers, but to further complicate the picture some of these 'distillers' don't actually have their own stills. They are reliant on some half-a-dozen mobile distillers who tow their still from farm to farm, distilling the wines according to the specification of each house.

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