Unexpected Cartron Tour Competition

Joseph Cartron, liqueur, eaux-de-vie and vermouth producer since 1882, has launched the first edition of its "Unexpected Cartron Tour." As the name suggests, the "unexpected" is the central theme of this inspirational cocktail competition for professional bartenders.

The premise of this international challenge is to present a surprising element either through the cocktail itself or through the accompanying presentation. The esteemed panel of judges will expect to be wowed by something out of the ordinary. The full Joseph Cartron collection of liqueurs, crèmes, eaux-de-vie, and vermouths are available to competitors for use in their imaginative creations.

This first edition is open to bartenders in seven participating countries: United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, and France. The international final will take place in mid-July 2023 in Nuits-Saint-Georges, France; the birthplace of Cartron.

Following the "unexpected" theme, the final will introduce elements of surprise to the finalists, which will only be disclosed moments before the final challenge.

One competitor will be crowned Unexpected Cartron Tour Champion and will be welcomed back, expenses paid, as a guest judge for the next competition plus offered opportunities to collaborate with Joseph Cartron on a per-event basis based on location and availability.

To enter

Entries should be submitted before 6th March 2023 via the registration form on UnexpectedCartronTour.com.

When completing the entry form, please be ready to answer the question, "What is your Unexpected Element?" You should be ready to upload a photograph of your cocktail and also a video of your cocktail (2G max) or link your video from Google Drive, WeTransfer, Smash, Dropbox etc.) Please film vertically (as you would Instagram reels or TikTok). This video should be no longer than five minutes and should showcase the preparation of your cocktail. This video is in lieu of an in-person cocktail presentation and will be judged as the presentation portion which is 30% of the score.

Before entering you should also check you're available to attend the international final in France in mid-July 2023. The winners, those invited to attend, will be announced on 31st March 2012.


  • The competition is open only to professional bartenders of legal drinking age, currently residing and working at a bar in the country from which they register.
  • Participants should be able to speak English in order to make their presentation to the international judging panel at the global final in Burgundy.
  • The cocktail recipe should be an original and personal creation.
  • Each competitor must use at least 1oz/30ml Joseph Cartron product as the primary spirit in the cocktail. Use of more than one Joseph Cartron product is permitted. The Primary Joseph Cartron product used should not be modified (chemically or otherwise).
  • Other spirits should be used as modifiers, creating an "Unexpected" reversal in the template of a traditional cocktail.
  • There must also be an "Unexpected" element to the cocktail and/or presentation.
  • The use of any commercial spirits, bitters, sodas, juices, etc. found behind most cocktail bars worldwide is permitted.
  • Commercial syrups are not permitted but homemade syrups are permitted.
  • The use of homemade ingredients such as homemade bitters, infusions, foams, etc. is permitted. For all homemade ingredients, the complete recipe and method of preparation must be clearly specified.
  • Other ingredients, such as fruits, type of ice, etc. must be clearly specified
    If using rum, a Spiribam-owned brand of rum is preferred (though not mandatory) .
  • The use of liqueur brands other than Joseph Cartron is not permitted.
  • Brands or types of spirit must be clearly stated.
  • Any type of glassware may be used but must be clearly specified.
  • The entire recipe must be expressed in exact measurements or number of drops used.
  • Cocktail preparation techniques must be clearly indicated.
  • Both a photo of the cocktail and a cocktail video submission is mandatory.


Submissions will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Perceived taste and balance (20%)
  • Ability to highlight and showcase Joseph Cartron in cocktail (30%)
  • "Unexpected" element (20%)
  • Presentation (20%)
  • Social Media campaign (10%). This will consist of a weighted point system measured by each post (static and video, IG and Tiktok) using the #UnexpectedCartronTour hashtag.

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