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Aron has been the Assistant Manager Bar and Billiard Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore since February 2015- present. He was previously Head Bartender of the hotel’s famous Long Bar where he started in June 2013 after being the Senior Bartender at the hotel’s Courtyard bar.

Aron was a Finalist in the Peter F. Heering Sling Awards 2014.

“Cherry Heering is one of the key ingredients in making the Singapore Sling. Cherry Heering it´s so balanced that it mixes so well with a lot of other cocktails - like Singapore Sling”

Aron’s Fables of the East

Glass: Tulip
Garnish: Fresh celery, cherry and lemon zest twist
Method: Muddle Amarena cherry and celery in a mixing glass, add the rest of ingredients expect the soda water. Shake and strain in a Tulip glass, served with cube of ice and splash of soda water.

• 3 pcs. Amarena Cherry
• 3 slices Celery
• 20ml Cherry Heering
• 15ml Tanquerey 10 Gin
• 10ml Aperol
• 15ml Lemon juice
• 10ml Simple syrup
• 35ml Pineapple juice
• 1 dash Angustora Aromatic Bitters
• Splash of Soda water

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