Alexander Stein

Words by: Difford's Guide

Alexander Stein is the creator of German gin brand Monkey 47.

Born into a family of distillers (Alex's father and grandfather were brandy producers) it seemed inevitable that he would find himself drawn to the spirits industry in one form or another. Not before however he tried his hand in the more corporate world of telecommunications, where he rose to a senior level at Nokia.

It was while he was living and working in Detroit that his life path changed. He remembers a 'phone call in 2006 from a friend of his who recounted a story involving Max the egret monkey, Monty the RAF Wing Commander and a long lost gin recipe. It proved to be a exciting turning point.

In the video above Alex tells us the story in his own words...

To hear more from Alex as he talks through the various botanicals used to create Monkey 47 and read our tasting notes visit our Monkey 47 page.

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