Knockdhu Distillery

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near Huntly ,
AB54 7LH
Aberdeenshire, Scotland
United Kingdom

Established in 1894, it is one of Scotland’s smallest malt whisky distilleries and due to confusion with the similarly named Knockando Distillery, the single malt now produced by Knockdhu is sold under the name ‘anCnoc’.

The Distillery is named after the nearby town of Knock, near Huntly and lies to the northeast of Scotland’s Speyside malt whisky region. Indeed, it is Speyside’s most easterly distillery. However, the distillery’s AnCnoc single malt is labelled as being a Highland whisky - the Speyside region does indeed sit in the Highlands and AnCnoc’s style is arguably more Highland malt than Speyside.

Entrepreneur John Morrison purchased the Knock Estate in 1892. And after realising the potential offered by his neighbouring farms growing barley, local peat bogs, the Great North Railway line running close by and newly discovered natural water springs, he set about the building of a distillery on his newly acquired land which opened in October 1894.

There is no visitor centre but visitors are welcome by prior appointment only. Call the Distillery on 01466 771 223.

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