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The Benevolent is a trade charity for people who are working, or have worked, in the drinks industry in any role and in any sector. This includes the production, distribution, marketing, import, export or retail sales of drinks brands in both the on trade and off trade of the UK market.

Founded in 1886, The Benevolent's mission is to help colleagues from the trade facing serious medical or financial hardship or any other workplace or home difficulties. The difficulties might include serious illness, disability, issues with debt or a family crisis such as a seriously ill partner or child.

So if you or your current or previous employer's business deals primarily with drinks brands, The Benevolent can provide you with a wide range of services including financial and emotional support as well as practical advice. Although The Benevolent works in partnership with the drinks industry, as well as other charitable or care related organisations, its services are completely confidential.

Support available

    • Ongoing and one-off emergency grants to alleviate financial hardship relating to illness, life changing disability, unemployment and family crisis.
    • Debt Advice including providing practical support and advice, grants for business related bankruptcy and referral to relevant agencies and support networks.
    • TV licenses and a discretionary Christmas grant for individuals living on limited incomes such as states pensions or disability allowance.

    • The provision of practical, emotional and financial support during times of family crisis such as a loved one becoming seriously ill or passing away.
    • Grants for funeral expenses in exceptional cases and advice on accessing government support.

    • Adaptations to the home, including wet rooms, wheelchair ramps and stair lifts for the elderly, seriously ill or disabled.
    • Funding towards the purchase of mobility aids including electric wheelchairs, Zimmer frames and specialised furniture.

    • Practical support to navigate complexities of accessing benefits and support from the Government or specialist charities.
    • Advice on emotional wellbeing and stress in the workplace or home.
    • Financial contribution towards palliative holidays for members of the trade facing life changing or terminal illness.

To access support or find out more about your trade charity:
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    • Call +44 (0)20 7089 3888
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