2022 Initiatives

Enjoying a cocktail becomes all the more satisfying knowing that that libation has contributed to something pleasing and good – beyond satisfying your thirst and taste buds.

Ketel One's Garnished with Good challenges bartenders to serve their communities with every cocktail they serve.

This concept of attaching something special to every cocktail comes through in each of the following initiatives, explained in the bartender's own words. I've only typeset rather than edited so as to leave the personality and feeling behind each intact.

Explore these delicious cocktails, Garnished with Good.

Tourist in the City image
Imperfect  Partnerships image
Be World Class. Plant a Tree image
Fix & Fizz image
Plant More Trees image
Circles Project image
Grow Together Tomatini image
The Triad Collective image
Farm To Glass Cayman image
Making Space image
Stray Animals Matter to Us image
Caficultor image
The Funghi Martini image
One for All image
Social Garden image
Finding Flavours image
Punch Collective image
Under the Sea image
The Lighthouse Project image
People Of One World image
The Husk Reviver image
Jack Of All Trades image
Galab'Ale image
Siol Collective image
Not Nece-celery image
Beeing Project image
Sunflower Smile Project image
Prickly Pear Martini image
Back To The Forest image
The Villager image
The Balance image
Uniendo Sabores  image
Dago image
Pens Up image
Breathe image
Venom image
The Land Of The Butterfly image
Blooming image
The Turning Point image
Windmill Project image
Sustainable Humanity image
Made Family image
The Bartenders Apprentice image
Smiling Face image
Sea Salt image
Bob's Beard image
Step by Step image
The Rights One image
Under the Coconut Tree image
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