How vodka is made

Vodka production: Raw ingredients image

Vodka production: Raw ingredients

Vodka can be distilled from pretty much anything that can be fermented to make alcohol, but its mostly produced from potatoes, sugar beet molasses and

Vodka production: Fermentation image

Vodka production: Fermentation

Whether vodka is to be distilled from grain, potatoes, sugar beet, grapes or even rice, the first step is to produce alcohol using yeast. The process of

Vodka production: Base spirit image

Vodka production: Base spirit

Ethanol alcohol distilled to more than 95% purity is commonly called neutral spirit. The term used in this context refers to the spirits' lack the flavour.

Vodka production: Rectification image

Vodka production: Rectification

Purifying or 'rectification' columns remove any remaining off notes or odours from an alcoholic spirit. It is common practice in vodka production for a

Vodka production: Pot still finishing image

Vodka production: Pot still finishing

Pot stills are credited with having a discernible rounding effect and adding character, so it is no coincidence that many 'boutique' vodkas such as Ketel

Vodka production: Hydration image

Vodka production: Hydration

Water forms some 70% of the contents of a bottle of vodka so is crucial to both its taste and mouthfeel.

Vodka production: Additives image

Vodka production: Additives

It has long been common practice to add small amounts honey to vodka to increase the vodka's viscosity or mouthfeel and take the edge off the spirit. Many

Vodka production: Filtration image

Vodka production: Filtration

Anyone who uses a Brita Filter to make their tap water more palatable will recognise the benefits of activated carbon filtration. Activated carbon filters

Vodka production: Quality testing image

Vodka production: Quality testing

Quality starts with the raw materials. Remember the saying? You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

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