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Being one of Singapore’s Top 5 Best Female Bartenders 2015 according to, Christyne is definitely not to be overlooked. She only began her career at Jigger and Pony a year ago in 2014 when she was 26, but in the short span of time, she has harnessed a true passion for making cocktails, constantly practising and even researching on her own to create recipes with bases that are true to the classics. It was no surprise that she very quickly clinched the 1st Runner-up title in the Rookie Category during last year's Vedrenne Grand Prix 2014.

She also keeps herself well-paced with the fast-changing Singapore cocktail scene by constantly looking at what other bartenders are coming up with. The fast-learner was part of the Diageo Reserve World Class 2015, having entered with two signature cocktails.

Prior to Jigger and Pony, the Malaysian born Christyne had moved to Singapore to work in the hospitality sector. She started out as a hostess at Brasserie Les Saveur and later became Captain in charge of The Drawing Room, St Regis Hotel Singapore. Progressing forward, she worked as a hostess at The Landing Point, The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore before being hired as service staff at Jigger and Pony.

“Of course you can’t forget about the Cherry Heering in the Singapore Sling”

Christyne’s Lady Sling

Glass: Sling
Garnish: Pineapple wedge and cherry
Method: Shake first 6 ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass. Top with tonic water.
• 45 London dry gin
• 20 Cherry Heering
• 10 Triple sec
• 5 Becherovka
• 60 Fresh pineapple juice
• 20 Passionfruit cordial
• Top up tonic water

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