Hotel Plaza

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Address: Ignacio Agramonte No. 267, Habana Vieja, Havana, Cuba
Website: View bar's website
Door: Open door
Style: Hotel bar
Recommended for: Historic interest
Price guide: Middling
Food: Full menu

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Review last reviewed on 2011-05-04

Right across from Parque Central is the four-star Hotel Plaza, an old school colonial style hotel that's been here for more than 100 years. Previously it has played host to Anna Pavlova and Albert Einstein and used to house a casino but had its licence revoked after the revolution and spent the 70s and 80s closed 'for renovations'.

You've got the choice of two spaces to drink, the first in the cool and airy lobby, where the sound of birdsong fills the air along with the sound of water from the indoor fountain, all very relaxing given the bustle of the streets outside - in fact, it's a former private mansion. There's a proper bar which you can sit at, but there's also a small trestle table closer to the lounge-style seating where they'll mix you up a Mojito (what else?).

The latter gives you the perfect opportunity to take your drink to the roof - there is a restaurant space up there that seems seldom used but benefits from having a fantastic terrace with a great view of the Cathedral, and you may have it all to yourself. Not a place for partying the night away, but could be the ultimate romantic spot if you're in the mood.

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