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"Leveraging your Unfair Advantage - how small brands can play big"

Join Dan Gasper, Co-Founder of Distill Ventures, at the Perfect Serve Barshow, Amsterdam, Monday 22 May, as he shares insights into the role and importance of brand stories.

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The way in which consumers make buying decisions continues to evolve. Engagement with social media and specialist websites as sources of information, the exponential growth in online purchases and the use of Google search to answer questions and recommend solutions have led to a more level playing field for drinks brands.

Small, new to market, brands now have similar opportunities to reach consumers as the big guys. Brands which have an authentic story to tell and which talk about their provenance, production and people are on the rise.

Authenticity has never been more important. Today's discerning drinkers are not only just interested in the brand - they want to know who makes it, where do they make it and why are they making it. As a result, telling your story well is one of the lowest cost/highest impact campaigns you can deploy in modern drinks marketing.

However, getting this story to truly engage your audience is not just about telling them that you wanted to make gin so you built a distillery....

This session will help you hone your brand story, capture the most important elements to focus your narrative on and provide useful provocations and inspiration. There will also be a discussion on the market trends which have created this desire to hear your story and how you can leverage them.

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Dan Gasper, Co-Founder, Distill Ventures

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