Cocktail competition scorecard

Words by Simon Difford

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Unlike sport where the first to finish or score the most is obviously the winner, judging one competitor against another in a cocktail competition will always be subjective. However, experienced judges marking according to set criteria on a scorecard helps ensure fairness.

Competitors and their cocktails should be judged on all aspects that ultimately contribute to the drinker's experience, from the theatre of the cocktail being made to its final appearance and taste. A cocktail's name is key to its being ordered in the first place, then remembered, reordered and hopefully recommended to others. Hence, the name should also be an important aspect of assessing a cocktail.

My own competition scorecard is self-explanatory and hopefully incorporates the various elements I like to judge competitors in such competitions by. I give taste, originality and delivery extra weighting within the maximum 100 points.

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Cocktail competition scorecard image 1

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