War Victims – The Job Initiative

Words by Denny Kallivoka, Difford's Guide Greece

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The dawn of February 24, 2022 turned the date of mankind, in December 1623.

When the still-recovering from a serious illness John Donne was writing the MEDITATION XVII, best known to us today from the famous phrase of his: "No man is an island, entire of itself;. . . any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.."

The end of that day brought back dreadful –and long-forgotten- memories of past mistakes. The shadows of war acts were revived and start to materialize on Europe's borders in a manner that would inspire Tolkien to write another trilogy. At that night, darkness returned in more ways than one.

There are moments in human history that verify our collective weakness to learn through experience. The dramatic outcome of this profound lack of ability is marked with hundreds of dead, thousands of physically injured, millions of displaced people and billions who felt psychologically messed up.

Hopefully, there is another aspect of human nature. Incorporating elements such as the essence of kindness, the need to alleviate suffering, the mutual support.

In the wake of recent events, members of "Metron Ariston: Making Responsibility a Trend" Non-Profit Civil Partnership, which was created by Bartenders and members of the Spirits Industry in November 2019, took the initiative to create a channel of communication, a liaison between migrants and Spirits or Hospitality Industry, in order to support the war victims.

Our objective is to assist in a meaningful and dignifying way, both our colleagues looking desperately for a job outside of their country, without having a point of reference to address to, and –probably - businesses looking for those people to offer them a job.

More specifically we have developed a platform based system, addressing to migrants from Ukraine and any other part of the World under war or hostilities, for that matter.

People that were working in the broader "spirits" sector or relevant hospitality industry that overnight lost their job, among other things.

What we are trying to do, is to ask people from War Zones in need of work to submit their Job experience along with some professional and personal data, such as country of (temporary) residence, relevant background and experience, etc.

Those data (after their solemn consensus) can be given to businesses (Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Café, etc) willing to hire people from War Zones.

Thus, "Metron Ariston: Making Responsibility a Trend" acts like a liaison that brings together the two sides, namely migrants and Spirits or Hospitality Industry. The Bars Hotels Restaurants can start communication with applicants for potential hiring.

Help us, to make a dignifying difference by offering to war victims the right to work as this is established by UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights

War Victims "The Job Initiative" - Work Application Form - The Bar Tenderness & its People

War Victims "The Job Initiative" - Work Offer Form - The Bar Tenderness & its People

War Victims "The Job Initiative" - Unsubscribe - The Bar Tenderness & its People

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