Vradiano grape variety

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Vradiano is not only a very old grape variety that used to grow on the east shore of Central Greece and in Sporades islands but until recently, Vradiano was also a very rare variety.

Its name derives from the Greek word 'vradys' which means lazy or arriving late, probably linked to the late ripening of the variety. In some vintages, harvesting can take place as late as October. Though Vradiano is now widely cultivated, it offers a wide variety of wines as winemakers rush to explore its capabilities.

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AKA: Bordiano, Bradyano, Vordiano, Vradinia, Vradyano
Berry/ bunch size: Medium sized grapes in medium-sized bunches
Alcohol: High
Tannins: Medium
Body: Medium
Characteristic: Vigorous and productive , late budding and very late ripening
Resistance to drought: Good
Style of wines: Fruity and refreshing roses and rich red wines with spicy notes
Fun Fact: The name derives from the Greek word Vradys meaning one that moves slowly, as it is one of the last grapes to be harvested.
Food Pairings: Cooked and grilled meats, rabbit stew, hard yellow cheeses

Vradiano produces:

  • Light-bodied fruit-driven, refreshing rosé wines.
  • Deep coloured red wines with ripe fruit aromas and sweet spices.
  • Complex and robust age-worthy reds when yields are tamed.
  • Sweet reds from sun-dried grapes, rich in red fruit and chocolate aromas..
  • Fortified, fruity character sweet wines.

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