Victoire de la Dignité champagne collection

Champagne house Pierre Morlet, in collaboration with Ukrainian artists, has created a limited-edition champagne collection called 'Victoire de la Dignité' to raise funds for Mariia Didkovska's Victory of Dignity charity project. Proceeds will aid the Main Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and mobile military hospitals to treat injured soldiers.

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Victory of Dignity is part of a bigger initiative to exhibit Ukrainian cultural heritage and combine this art with business to raise important charity funds. The approach of Victory is a key aim for this project and by bringing together Ukrainian creatives, a platform is created that can highlight important issues through the medium of art, as well as helping to support the artists themselves.

The champagne collection includes six bottles, each one featuring a painting by Ukrainian contemporary artists inspired by the notion of victory. Each of these paintings was displayed in the National Art Museum of Ukraine in an exhibition called 'Premonition of Victory' - the first since the war began. Parts of the artists workshops and studios were also recreated within the gallery to show the space in which they work and where their creativity is sparked.

"Victory has one taste and many faces." – Mariia Didkovska

See the Victoire de la Dignité website to find out more about the collection and how to purchase.

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Mariia Didkovska

Mariia Didkovska owns Citronelle restaurant and Saint Bar in Kyiv. For seven years she has worked on charitable endeavours including the Open Music of the City Foundation and Classic Picnic concerts, as well as several cultural projects. Throughout the course of the war Mariia and her team have raised over UAH 5 million for surgical and laparoscopic equipment for military mobile hospitals through charitable auctions and events.

"For me, a special aspect of charity is helping through creation, the birth of something completely new. Victoire de la Dignité is a multifaceted collection that includes high standards of real champagne production, charity, support for art, preservation of the cultural heritage of Ukrainians, and support for the world. In addition, I think it is extremely important to cooperate with artists, as it allows us to present the works of our artists on a larger scale and to familiarize the society with the cultural heritage of Ukraine.

One of the powerful areas of activity to which I devote my time and energy is charity, which makes a significant contribution to the development and support of Ukrainian culture. Over the years, the classical music concerts organized in different cities and countries have united thousands of people for the sake of the future. Now, during the full-scale invasion, all charity is focused on supporting the military hospital. This is primarily a gratitude for freedom, and a contribution to the restoration of the health of our defenders."

Pierre Morlet House

Found in the Avenue Val d'Or in the centre of the champagne region, The Morlet family have been producing high quality artisanal champagne for four generations.

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The Champagne

The grapes used for this champagne were almost lost due to unexpectedly cold weather, but the Morlet family pulled together to heat the vines with burners and save the harvest. Due to the extra efforts required to make this champagne it was decided that it would be saved for a special occasion and now the opportunity to use it has arrived.
The champagne is a Millésime 2015 vintage, grown, produced and bottled in France. The artwork labels were printed by the Eclair printing house.

2388 bottles have been produced. Rarely is a limited-edition champagne such as this from an artisanal winemaker shipped out to another country for charitable purposes, emphasising the support the Morlet family have for Ukraine.

Aging on lees: more than 6 years.

Aging potential (wine cellar 10-12°C): until 2030.

Champagne carefully developed by Pierre Morlet, consists of Chardonnay (85%) and Pinot Noir (15%) grapes. Grapes are collected exclusively from Premier and Grand Cru vineyards.
Millésime qualification is confirmed by manual picking and sorting.

The collection consists of five sizes:

  • Bouteille 0.75 ml
  • Сollection de six
  • Magnum 1.5 l
  • Jeroboam 3 l
  • Mathusalem 6 l
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The artists

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Five of the artists from left to right: Oleksii Apollonov, Oleksandr Sukholit, Olena Pryduvalova, Maryna Skugareva and Oleg Tistol.

Oleksii Apollonov

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"The work is a historical reminder of the valor of Ukrainians."

Mykola Bilous
The Greeting

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"The work honors the indomitable spirit of the Ukrainian nation and is a symbol of faith."

Olena Pryduvalova

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"The work is a reminder of how peaceful and calm a Ukrainian night can be."

Maryna Skugareva
The Road

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"The work reflects the infinity of existence through the image of a typical landscape of Ukrainian roads."

Oleksandr Sukholit
Yellow on red, pink and blue

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"The work broadcasts an emotional outburst caused by a sense of triumph."

Oleg Tistol

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"The work is a symbol of Victory as the pinnacle of courage."

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