The good folk at William Grant & Sons UK are rewarding submissions published from British bartenders with £100 gift vouchers, as part of their #StandFast campaign in response to the current pandemic to support the On-Trade. Simply complete the form below, write about what you are doing and upload associated photography &/or video.

If we like what you send us (via the form below) enough to publish on Difford's Guide then, thanks to William Grant & Sons, we'll send you a £100 voucher for Uber Eats, Amazon or John Lewis/Waitrose.

The William Grant & Sons Brand Ambassador team showcase their passions via Unwrapped, we want you to show us yours. All UK bartenders are welcome to submit one entry per person per month.

Bartenders, we want to show off your talents here. Please send me your:

  • Videos demonstrating cocktails
  • Garnishing videos
  • Cocktail menus you've created
  • Pieces you've written

  • And demonstrating talents that have nothing at all to do with bartending:

  • Photography or Photography of your drawings or paintings
  • Cooking, baking and other hobbies
  • Pieces you've written
  • Stories and poetry

  • If you are submitting cocktail recipes you don't have to use William Grant & Sons brands as their aim is to support folk in the bar industry rather than promote their brands. However, as a thank you, it would be nice if you do use Hendrick's, Monkey Shoulder, Balvenie, Reyka, Glenfiddich, Tullamore D.E.W. or another one of their brands.

    Before you send us your submission why not take a look here at what other UK bartenders are up to.

    This page is only available from within the UK at this time.