Cupboard Cocktails

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Cupboard Cocktails

Rhys Mclean, bartender at Gin 71 Merchant City in Glasgow, has been encouraging customers to create cocktails at home from ingredients in their kitchen.

Words by: Rhys Mclean, Gin71 in Merchant City, Glasgow

Alongside other members of the bar team, I have been trying to share some knowledge with customers over social media. This has taken place through different forms such as letting our followers send photos of their drinks cupboards and us coming up with drinks for them that they could make for themselves, doing Q&A sessions and have plans try a couple of how to instructions such as making triple sec at home from vodka so the number of cocktails that can be made is greater. as well as this I have also been doing posts on "cupboard cocktails" aiming to make drinks with things most of us could find in the cupboard at home such as using jam instead of syrup.

The one I have attached uses Whitley Neil blackberry gin and a blackcurrant jam to add some sweetness and some mint to bring freshness.

I would use the voucher money to buy more stock so that I can continue this, most likely Monkey Shoulder and start some whiskey based ideas.

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