Imagined Libations

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Imagined Libations

Bar manager of The Pig at Combe in Exeter, Thomas Ryan presents his creative series of drawings that he is using as inspiration for new drinks.

Words by: Thomas Ryan, The Pig at Combe

Not having much of a home bar has meant I can't do much in the way of making physical drinks, however I just started as Bar Manager at the Pig before this all went down so I wanted some way to keep my new team inspired and get them thinking about the relaunch menu.

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I have started a series on my Instagram @admiral_backbar called Imagined Libations, wherein I will look at different mythological creatures or stories and theorise drinks based on them, trying to show a little of how I go about building new drinks and the creative process behind that. I am also uploading a "colouring book" style drawing for each creation to keep people active.

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