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I was born on October 26th 1987 in the small town of Kluczbork in Poland. It was in this city that I made my first steps towards working as a bartender.

My adventure with bartending began at the end of high school, where I was on the profile of the biology – chemistry class. Already here I demonstrated an enormous interest in the production of foodstuffs and beverages, alcoholic and non alcoholic alike.

Going further through chemistry I started studying biotechnology and toxicology. During these five years of studying I learned the production methods that I use every day at work in my cocktails. During my studies I also worked as a bartender gaining more hands on knowledge and experience every day.

In Poland as a bartender, I worked in such diverse places as:

• Pub, Pod Kasztanem, Kluczbork
• Szara Villa, Opole
• Palac Hotel, Niewodniki

I also practiced in the laboratory toxylogical control department of food and drink products. Additionally I did an internship in chemical analysis at Laboratory Signal Transduction in Life Sciences at the University of Luxembourg, where I researched new ideas in improving alcoholic products. After my master graduation in 2011, I decided to move to Luxembourg full time.

In Luxemburg as a bartender I worked in bars such as:

• Lounge Bar Dogado
• Scott’s Pub,
• Piano Bar Le Royal Hotel
and now Octan’s Spirited Bar.

These bars gave me the opportunity to gain more experience in the art of bartending in a country as culturally diverse as is Luxembourg, which was a definite bonus.

Besides bartending: I train shotokan karate (1 dan). I'm learning foreign languages (I am a native Polish speaker with very good English skills and I communicate well in French and German). I am also very interested in issues related to coffee, such as: Latte art.

Bartending has become my life's passion and working in a multicultural environment has given me the chance to develop my skills and learn as much as possible. I always give 100% and am currently on the lookout for new and exciting challenges which will hopefully take me to the next level.

"Cherry Heering is an amazing ingredient to co-operate with gin, vodka, whisky."

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