Cam Dawson

Words by Jane Ryan

First name(s): Cam
Last/Family name: Dawson
Age: 35
Originally from: Stirling
Profession: Brand Ambassador
At: Brighton

Cam Dawson is the UK Ambassador for Jack Daniels. Based in Brighton, although originally from Stirling in Scotland, Cam tours the UK bar scene promoting and educating bartenders about Jack Daniels whiskey.

He's spent time living in Australia, on the west coast in Perth, but is now happy to call the south of England home. Cam spent many years bartending before moving over to work for Brown-Forman and is part of the advocacy team of Bacardi Brown-Forman dedicated to empowering bartenders through knowledge.

Jasper's Jam

Glass: Highball or jam jar
Garnish: Apricot slices and Mint Sprig
Method: Shake ingredients over ice and strain into glass. Fill with crushed ice.
50ml Gentleman Jack
12.5ml Benedictine
3 dashes Peychaud's Bitters
2 spoons apricot Jam
12.5ml lemon Juice