Highland Boundary


Kirklandbank Farm
Old Drove Road Kirklandbank
PH11 8LL
United Kingdom

Status: Operational

Established: 2018

Visitor Policy: Not generally accessible

Tel: +44 (0)1828 632 816

The Highland Boundary distillery is the creation of Marian and Simon Bruce and is part of their farm near the picturesque Scottish town of Alyth in Perthshire, Scotland.

The farm straddles the Highland Boundary Fault, a geological feature that marks the boundary between the Scottish Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. To the North are the Angus Glens and the mountains of the Cairngorms, while looking South from the distillery are stunning views of the fertile Strathmore valley.

The location inspired the brand name of their spirits and liqueurs and also the products themselves as the botanicals that flavour them are hand-pick from woodlands either on our farm or nearby. The grain spirit they are distilled with comes from the South. The mineral-rich spring water, naturally filtered through the 450 million-year-old Devonian sandstone bedrock of Strathmore, is drawn from Alyth Hill.