Teichenné S.A.


Crta. N-340 Km 1194
Bellvei del Penedès

Status: Operacional

Fundação: 1956

Proprietário: Family owned

Capacidade: Not supplied

Política de visitas: Pouca acessibilidade

Tel: +34 977 16 87 01

A family owned distiller and liqueur producer, Teichenné was founded in 1956 when Juan Teichenné Senaux launched his distillery in the small town of L’Arboç (40 miles south of Barcelona).

Born in France, Juan moved to Spain as part of the French wine industry’s search for new production sources. In those early days, production was very small, concentrating on ‘handmade’ brandies and liqueurs for sale locally in the Penedès Region.

Expansion did not start until the 70s, when Joan Teichenné Canals took over the business after his father’s death. In the 1980s Teichenné led the Spanish boom in liqueur schnapps.