Lluvia de Oro

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last reviewed on 04-May-2011

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Endereço: Calle Obispo at Habana, Havana, Cuba
website: Não fornecido
Para entrar: Entrada livre
Estilo: Pub contemporâneo
Recomendado para: Ambiente
Faixa de preços: Em conta
Comida: Porções & pratos


Lluvia de Oro (which translates as 'rain of gold') is housed in a grand old building and its home is a large, high ceilinged room with decorative mouldings in the corners and ceiling fans turning the air. Light and airy, it's a great space for day-time relaxing with a well-made coffee in leather-backed wooden chairs on the cool terrazzo floor. In the night-time it has a reputation for being a lively and noisy space with music and dancing.

The large wooden bar itself - which is home to wooden curios and a TV - articulates that this doesn't exactly take itself serious as a serious drinking spot. Indeed, they had to hunt out a shaker but we're pleased to say they proficiently mixed us up a couple of decent Daiquris

Lluvia de Oro image 1
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