Address: Monot Street, Monot, Beirut , Lebanon
Tel: +961 (0)1 204446
Website: Not supplied
Style: Restaurant bar
Recommended for: Cocktails
Price guide: High-end

Review last reviewed on 2012-04-01

Established way, way back in 1995, this little Tex-Mex restaurant and bar is apparently the oldest cocktail bar in Beirut, and most likely one of the older Tex-Mex places outside of the Americas. In fact, the pedestrian bar street of Monot has grown up around it since it opened.

Pacifico is another Schumann's bar, meaning that they follow the principles of Munich's Charles Schumann. Although it's a friendly, relaxed place, the bartenders in their white jackets, aprons and ties take their craft very seriously, and the pots of fresh herbs on the bar indicate their commitment to fresh ingredients.

Soft jazz plays under twirling ceiling fans and the walls are lined with Spanish slogans. A well-thought out, and not particularly Tex-Mex, menu covers classics, crowd-pleasers and quite a few non-obvious selections: we enjoyed a Shakerato from the Aperifits selection.

Tables indoors are reserved for diners until service finishes, but drinkers can enjoy a spot on the small terrace out front, or just sit at the bar and watch the bartenders do their thing.

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