Rita's Bar & Dining

Address: 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BJ , United Kingdom
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Neighbourhood bar
Food: Set menu


Rita's is the sort of place where you may feel left out not wearing skinny jeans and thick black-rimmed nerd glasses (bonus points if they don't have lenses). Upstairs is one large open space with dotted tables and a large centre bar. The décor is intentionally unfinished and bare, with concrete floors and exposed pipes that somehow manage to avoid feeling cold or incomplete.

The atmosphere is genuinely welcoming - despite being a hipster hangout there isn't an air of judgement for those of us who don't photograph our food using an instagram app. Most of the clientele drank pints or bottles of beer on our visit, with some people opting for the vodka, soda and lime mix. But the menu does have a few cocktails, all at £6.50, and all a variation of a margarita, which they seem to do incredibly well: a great summer bar, relaxed, open plan and had a great ambiance.