Sips 'drinkery house'

Photography by Sips

Words by Simon Difford on 14-Apr-2023

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Address: Carrer de Muntaner, 108, Barcelona, 08036, Spain
Website: view Sips 'drinkery house'’s website
Hours: Mon Closed, Tue-Sat 18:30-02:00, Sun Closed
Style: Cocktail bar
Established: 2021

A central island bar, no bar stools and custom glassware, Sips lets the bartenders and their drinks take centre stage and captivate their audience whilst delivering high quality drinks using ingredients made by Rotovap stills.


Sips was destined to be not only one of Barcelona's, but the world's best bars even before it opened in 2021 due to Simone Caporale and Marc Alvarez, the Italian and Spanish duo behind and indeed infront of it.

Unusually, the bar sits centre stage, an island in the room with a bartender working each side of it – no bar counter, bar stools or customers sat at the bar to distract the bartenders. It's not only the layout that sets this bar apart, cocktail ingredients are produced using Rotovap reduced pressure stills and the drinks are served in custom-made elaborate glassware.

Sips is not so much a bar as a gallery of edible art. The bespoke glassware and painstakingly made garnishes make each cocktail, delivered to your table with an accompanying backstory that inspired its creation. Add to this the brilliant and very friendly service, and that centre-stage bar station and Sips is a delight.

Sips fruit-forward contemporary Diaquiri, served over crushed ice, is delicious. I ordered this with a cheeky request for a classic Daiquiri to accompany it. In true Sips style, they delivered a Mulata Daquiri rather than a plain old No.1 . It was the best Mulata Daquiri I've had to date!

Sips "works with a no table reservation policy" and such is its popularity that you'll almost certainly have to join a line outside to await your turn to gain access.

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