Bar Rouge

Words by Simon Difford on 25-Feb-2011

Address: Sankt Petri Hotel, 22 Krystalgade , Copenhagen, 1172, Denmark
Tel: +45 3345 9100
Website: view Bar Rouge’s website
Style: Hotel bar
Food: Bar Snacks
Established: 2007


Bar Rouge lies off the gargantuan first floor lobby of the über-modern Sankt hotel. With its white ceiling and black floor the 'rouge' moniker refers to the red walls decorated with black and white shots of jazz and blues musicians and the red glow from under the counter of the circular island bar.

This is a loungey space with the table service that befits a five star hotel. Bar manager Yarek and his check-shirted bar team are accomplished bartenders and their cocktail menu tends towards twists on classics and classically led contemporary libations such as the Teqroni Updated (tequila stirred with Aperol and sweet vermouth) and the St Lawrence (bourbon and maple syrup shaken with lemon juice).

The lobby area runs straight into the bar, which means hotel guests often look like they are making their way to the bar, before actually heading for the adjacent elevators. Even with light jazz playing, this corporate location affects the atmosphere of Bar Rouge but the smiling bar team and its central location make this bar a must-visit when in Copenhagen.