Photography by Talea

Words by Mattia Pastori and Marianna Piva on 21-Mar-2019

Talea image 1

Address: Via Argelati 35, Milano, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)236577554
Email: info@taleamilano.com
Website: view Talea’s website
Facebook: view Talea’s Facebook page
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Cocktail bar
Food: Bar Snacks
Established: 2018


In nature the Talea is a cut, a manual intervention to detach a part of the original plant and put it elsewhere to root.

Talea is an experimental cocktail bar with an intimate and welcoming space. It has an unexpected structure, due to its strange location.

In Talea you can find a mix of different sensations especially when you receive a glass in your hand, you feel surprised but also really interested to drink an experience. The incredible final taste of the cocktail is the result of cuisine and bar techniques blended with a lot of passion and quality products.

The cocktails are based on the "Liquid Kitchen" philosophy, each ingredient is cooked to create different taste experiences. The design is minimal and modern, while also very comfortable.

We suggest you drink the Bloody Gazpacho, a interesting twist on the Bloody Mary. Filippo Sisti, the bar owner, likes to call it an "easy" drink. Two types of pomodoro, the Classic and the Piccadilly, fermented with aromatic herbs; yellow cherry tomatoes jam, relish of friggitelli, a light sour but a little bit of spicy sauce made of green & sweet smoked pepperoni; a dash of lemon juice, gherkins extract and tequila. Served in a custom-made ceramic spoon and garnished with a sprouts Galletta.

Talea offers you a secret experience in a sharing table, or is better to say in a sharing bar, called Vivarium where you can enjoy a special menu composed of dishes and cocktails pairing in a unique ultra-sensorial room, where images, music and aromas capture you and your mind in a parallel universe.

This table is only available for booking with a minimum and a maximum of 6 people and the experience is made of five different cocktails. All the experiences are designed by the talented bartender Filippo Sisti, who in Italy is the one and only that plays with techniques of the "liquid kitchen".

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