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alc./vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: No age statement

Product of: Product of France France

G'Vine Floraison Gin is based on grape neutral spirit which is used to make five separate botanical infused spirits. The first is made by macerating fleurs de vigne – the green flowers of the Ugni Blanc vine; the others are made from more traditional fresh gin botanicals.

The use of vine flowers as a key botanical is the other distinguishing factor in G'Vine's production. The flowers blossom in mid-June and last a little over a week, so presenting an annual challenge of harvesting enough of the aromatic flowers in the short period they are available. If not immediately hand-picked in time they will mature into grape berries. The delicate petals are put into small fabric bags and these are steeped in Ugni Blanc neutral spirit for several days and allowed to percolate before then being distilled in a small Florentine pot still.

The other botanicals are sourced from all over the world and include juniper berries, ginger root, liquorice, cassia bark, green cardamom, coriander, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime (fresh whole-fruit). These are sorted into four groups according to flavour profiles, such as sweet or spicy botanicals, then each group is independently steeped in grape spirit for two to five days before the four infusions are separately distilled in small bespoke pot stills.

The grape flower infusion and the infusions of the other botanicals are blended with water and more grape spirit and redistilled together in a copper pot still nicknamed 'Lily Fleur' to produce the final G'Vine Floraison distillate.

G'Vine Floraison was launched in the US late in 2006.

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 19/09/2017


Crystal clear.


Subdued piney juniper and floral pot-pourri with zesty lime notes – almost lime cordial. Faint white pepper, cardamom and nutmeg.


Dry piney juniper, hints of rosewater, lime zest, cardamom, liquorice and black pepper.


Ginger builds and lasts through a long, dry piney, lime zesty finish with liquorice still shouting from the wings.


Juniper is very subdued in this contemporary gin but it is well-balanced and complex with distinctive floral, lime and liquorice notes.

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Buy direct from

The Whisky Exchange

Bottle size: 70cl
£ 36.50
the_whisky_exchange store logo

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Barcode UPC: 3700209600106
Bottle Size: 700 ml
Closure: Screw / Stelvin cap

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Produced by: Maison Villevert
UK distribution by: Paragon Brands
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