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Established: 2001
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Oenologist, raconteur and bon vivant – meet Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, the charismatic French wine-maker who successfully became a master distiller. Having turned his attention to gin, Jean-Sébastien, a characteristic nonconformist, looked to his local vineyards to provide an innovative new botanical to flavour his spirit.



Convention has it that gin is based on a neutral grain spirit, and indeed most of the world’s gins are wheat neutral spirit based with a few breaking convention to use barley. Therefore G’Vine Gin is distinguished by its being based on grape spirit.

The grapes are harvested during autumn, and vinified before being distilled continuously. The fact that Maison Villevert distils its own neutral base spirit also sets it apart from most of the world’s other gin distillers who invariably buy-in third-party distilled neutral spirit.

The two different expressions of G’Vine – ‘Floraison’ and ‘Nouaison’ each embody a different stage in the vine’s life cycle. G’Vine Floraison made by macerating fleurs de vigne – the green flowers which blossom on the Ugni Blanc vine. In contrast, G’Vine Nouaison represents a later stage in the vines’ development, when the fertilised vine flowers form tiny green berries that eventually ripen to become a juicy grape.

G’Vine Floraison Gin, the original of the two G-Vine expressions, is distinguished by a lime green screw cap, while G’Vine Nouaison is finished with grey detailing. Both are packaged in a stocky, round bottle with square shoulders.

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