Sonnet 43 Blonde Beer

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Product Information

Closure: Crown cap

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Produced by: Sonnet 43 Brew House
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alc./vol: 4.1%

Proof: 8.2°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: No age statement

Product of: Product of United Kingdom United Kingdom

Described by the brewers as being “A golden-straw coloured wheat-style beer. Clean and crisp with a light bitterness and soft velvety texture, this brew was created with aptly named ‘Sonnet’ hops to give a sweet, delicate, floral aroma.”

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 25/01/2015


(sample best before end Sept/15) Clear, pale golden with almost no head.


Fruity crusty white bread malt with light floral hops and faint grapefruit.


Light bodied with more crusty white bread and white petal floral notes. Moderate bite from carbonation.


White bread crust with very light hops.

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